Launch of Caroline Fisher projects

Only six months ago this gallery was just a germ of an idea and so it is very exciting to share the plans for its launch.

My original idea was to put on exhibitions of artists who explore the area between fine art and ceramics, using clay as a fine art medium. I still intend to do this but am thinking more widely too, about how particular themes are employed in ceramics and in fine art. So I will launch the space at 93 Upper St Giles’ with a mixed exhibition of studio and sculptural ceramics combined with painting and sculpture- all on the theme of Nature in and out of place including work by Katie Spragg for the Garden Museum in London, photographs by Phoebe Cummings, a tower of clay by Scott Stuart and pots with wooden lids by David Wright.

I have long been interested in the depiction of plants and my own decorated ceramics use motifs from weeds and other plants around my garden. The definition of a weed after all is simply a ‘plant growing in the wrong place’. So what unites the work in this inaugural show is that it explores the idea of plants that get out of control, as in Katie Spragg’s wonderful porcelain plants in their architectural glass cases, or plant material that has become removed from its location as with David Wright’s found wooden lids for his ceramic boxes.

The crossover between ceramics and other disciplines is something that I want to explore in future exhibitions and so I plan to initiate inspiring collaborations with film makers, photographers and chefs.